The mission

The existing medical system, an essential pillar of our society, functions predominantly in response to existing health conditions. It concentrates largely on managing diseases, treating acute conditions, and addressing urgent health crises rather than implementing preventive health measures or enhancing overall wellness to propel individuals towards thriving health.

Given the demands and complexity of these medical conditions, the resources available for our heroic healthcare professionals are stretched thin, with the priority understandably given to more immediate and severe health crises, that has already been manifested.  This leaves little room to allocate time and energy to scenarios were individuals that grapple with subtle health imbalances but are perceived to be in a somewhat “already healthy state”. These imbalances could manifest in various ways including poor sleep, concentration difficulties, feelings of anxiety or depression, or other states that, while not necessarily acute, still fall short of optimal health. Furthermore, the system also excludes people who seek to find their peak health – You can’t go to the doctor and ask “I wish to live a longer and better life. I wish to be healthier both physically and mentally. What can we do?”

Their concerns, while significant to their own person, do not reach the threshold of severity and urgency typically necessary to warrant attention in a traditional medical context. This is where the field of health optimization can make a significant impact, bridging the gap between the sub-optimal state and the ideal state of thriving health.

The same goes for preventative interventions. For example, researchers have found a number of genes that are linked to Alzheimer’s disease (APOE). If you have these genes it will dramatically increase your likelihood of getting the disease. Most clinicians do not do genetic testing. But wouldn’t you like to know so you could intervene and reduce the likelihood?

The mission is to fill theese gaps. For a start, with information and education. 


Scientific studies, with their intricate methodologies and specialized language, can be challenging for the layperson to comprehend. They are often fraught with industry-specific jargon, complex statistical analysis, and layers of nuanced interpretations. This complexity poses a significant barrier to those who wish to understand and apply the findings to their personal health journey.

In light of this, one of our fundamental commitments is to act as a bridge between these academic studies and you. We strive to cut through the scientific complexities, translating the findings into clear, easily understood overviews. But our task doesn’t stop there. We translate these findings into actionable strategies and protocols that you can directly implement in your journey towards health optimization.

By doing so, we ensure that the knowledge gleaned from cutting-edge research is not locked within the academic sphere but is made accessible and useful to everyone. We believe that you deserve to understand the science that shapes your health decisions, and we’re committed to making this understanding as straightforward and practical as possible. So, join us as we decipher the science, and turn knowledge into action.


Hi, I’m Emil Klitmose, founder of As a generalist in the health sciences, my passion is to assimilate complex health concepts and findings from a multitude of sources. Drawing from the knowledge of renowned authors, scientists, and scholarly journals. While I am none of these things, I aim to provide actionable, evidence-based strategies to help you navigate this wellness optimization journey.


Tools and actionable stragies for health optimazation & bio-hacking.
Complex studies translated into actionable strategies you can actually use.
Science based deep-dives into supplements.

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